Set of 3 100% cotton oven glove, pot holder, kitchen towel

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This product set includes three 100% cotton items: two oven mitts, a pot holder and a kitchen towel. This set is a must-have accessory for baking in the kitchen. 100% cotton is a natural material that is soft, comfortable and breathable, making it perfect for baking. This product has several distinct features, the first being its material. It is made of 100% cotton without chemical additives, making it ideal for prolonged contact with food. The second is its anti-scald performance. It protects your hands and tabletop from burns at higher temperatures. Again, it has excellent water absorption. When baking, dough or other foods tend to make the countertop or hands sticky, and this product helps you quickly and easily wipe away excess moisture. The product kit is also very durable. It can be easily washed in water without worrying about it getting damaged or deformed. And, since the kit is made up of three different pieces, you can easily swap out or use any of them on their own instead of buying all three at the same time. Finally, this product is very functional. Not only can it be used in a home kitchen, but also in a commercial kitchen or bakery. All in all, this product kit is very practical, environmentally friendly and durable, and it is a good helper for you to protect your hands and tabletop when baking.

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