• Home textile use

    Aprons: Professionalhousekeeping aprons show that your employees are part of team. Kitchen Aprons prevent the risk of getting infected. The simple step of wearing an apron can go a long way in reducing this risk. In addition, apron prevents your clothes from coming into contact with the food, ger...
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  • Different Types Of Home Textiles

    Introduction Of Home Textile Home textile is a branch of technical textile comprising application of textiles in household purposes. Home textiles are nothing but an internal environment, which deals with internal spaces and their furnishings. Home textiles are mainly used for their functional an...
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  • Textile consumption

    Textile consumption Textiles are commonly associated with clothing and soft furnishings, an association that accounts for the great emphasis on style and design in textiles. These consume a large portion of total industry production. Changing uses of fabric in apparel Great changes have occurred ...
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