Set of 3 100% cotton oven glove, pot holder, kitchen towel

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First, everything in the kit is made of 100% cotton. Therefore, they all have natural soft comfort, good air permeability and durability characteristics, do not contain any chemical composition, harmless to human body.

Secondly, the product has anti-scalding properties. It can provide you with safe protection from burning your hands when you use an oven, gas range or other heat source. At the same time, it can also be used as a desktop anti-scalding mat, to protect your desktop from heat burns.

In addition, the towels in this set can quickly absorb excess water, which is hygienic and convenient. Its softness and hygroscopicity make it an excellent rag and cleaning product. Using this set can avoid excessive waste and deterioration of the environment.

Overall, the set is very durable and can be easily cleaned in water. Also, because it is three different products, you can use any of them individually as needed.

In addition to various cooking uses in the home, this product is also suitable for hotels, restaurants, industrial kitchens and other commercial places. Products are strictly controlled to ensure the best service to you.

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